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I have been using these for about a year on and off and I have to admit that my hair has improved substantially. I am the type of person who is always after the next trend. I dye my hair somewhere between once a month to twice a year. I like changing my hair and using that for my different looks. Due to that it suffers from a lot of damage, I have gone from dark to light and back again so many times that it has left my hair dry and with split ends. I love fixing my hair but I also enjoy being able to have day where I let my natural waves flow. This would not be possible with out sugar bear hair, I has nourished my hair and brought back the shine it lacked.


Collagen Peptides

I first got recommended this by my acupuncturist. I had some problems with acne when I was stressed. It also helped me with other issues I had such as muscle aches and knee problems. What really astonished me was how it helped clear up my skin. This is also one of those products that helps hair and nails as well but most of the difference I noted was on my skin.


Beauty chocolates

I am one of those people who loves the post beauty glow you get after doing a facial mask. But if you are like me you would have also noticed that that glow and bright complexion do not last longer than two days. I began using these chocolates and after a few weeks I noticed the difference. My skin looked plump and refreshed.


Collagen water

I drink this once a month for about 3-6 days and I truly see an improvement in my skin!!

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