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The staple In your closet

September 8, 2017


Every girl has this, and every girl loves it!! Thats right I am talking about IT!! The one thing you can never leave off the perfect outfit, for me it is my leather jacket, and I am going to tell you why it should be yours too. 

The biker jacket has been a classic rebel twist for many years, many models, actors and singers have been seen wearing one, so why not make it one of your go to accessories.


1. Unisex

Biker jackets are similar to each other, the mens biker jackets have a very subtle difference if any depending on the jacket itself. The same way there is the boyfriend shirt, or the boyfriend pant, there does exist a boyfriend jacket. The larger jacket pairs perfectly with a form fitting dress. Pick your favorite dress and top it off with your significant others jacket over the shoulders to give it a going out worthy look. 


2. Different Jackets different styles 

The biker jacket comes in many colors, materials, and prints. This allows you to match each outfit perfectly with different biker jackets. A plain look such as black pants and a white shirt takes a whole different look by adding a print biker jacket and a neck bow. 

 3. Dress it up or dress it down 

We all face that problem, its girls night and you cant figure out what to wear. A biker jacket, can dress up or dress down any outfit you wear. A simple red flowy dress get a new look by tossing on a black leather biker jacket. Add a pop of red lipstick and your night is set.



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