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Why you should try SNS dipping powder

October 4, 2017

Sns dipping power has been a growing trend in the last couple of months. I first heard about it from a colleague at a Young living convention. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I needed to check it out. 

Sns is a light weight powder that is applied to your nail that functions as polish. It is stronger than gel but more comfortable than acrylics. It is infused with several vitamins and minerals that aid the nail growth process. It protects your nails and is less damaging than gel or acrylics. 

As someone who gets her nails regularly done, I knew I had to try it. I called a nails salon that focused on organic products and set up the appointment. The people were polite and took care of me, however I walked out disappointed. The nails looked chunky and the polish was not as smooth as I hoped, regardless I wanted to see if the promise of growth would pan out. 

A few weeks later as I had not really seen much of a result. Soon after I managed to accidentally slam my nail against concrete. As I looked down, I was sure my nail had broken and sure enough there was a crack down the middle. It was time for my next appointment, I called my local place (as I was disappointed at the last place) and I booked an appoinment. When I went in and they stated removing the sns I was surprised to see that my nail itself was intact. There was no chip, my nail wasn't broken and they looked as heathy as ever. It is no surprise that I kept using sns dipping powder.

Now several months later, I am still using it. My nails are healthier than ever and they have grown substantially. Many people who see my nails do not believe  they are my natural nails. My local nail salon (I do Nails) here in Lakeway makes them look so beautiful it is hard to convince people I meet they are real. So in conclusion if you are looking for a way to grow longer nail with the added strength to hold up to everyday activities you should try sns. A thing to keep in mind is that it is thicker than polish so if you are someone who uses their hands a lot this might not be your best solution. 

Now I am someone who loves to do things, use her hands and I have a hard time staying still. My one mistake was attempting to box with out gloves. After a long stressful day I decided I needed to blow off some steam. One of my favorite things to do is to punch a punching bag, because really there is no better stress reliver than that. After several punches I managed to tuck in my finger and broke my index nail. However after two months with the sns polish maintained my nail has grown back to its normal lenth and it is stronger than ever. 



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