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How to choose the right yoga pants

October 15, 2017

Lets face it no matter where you go or where you look the trend is there, thats right I am talking about yoga pants. Women tend to wear them everywhere, to the movies, the park, the grocery store and of course the gym. I personally only wear my yoga pants at home for a cozy day or to the gym (of course if I don't have time for a quick change of clothes before running errands I cut my losses and venture out in my yoga pants), but how do you go about choosing the right pair for yourself? Here is a list to help guide you through your search:

1. Fabric

Believe it or not, this is one thing many women ignore or choose last, however, I believe this should be the first step depending on what you will be doing that day. Nylon and cotton blends are great for high activity levels, such as working out, running on a hot day, or any activity that will cause you to sweat. This type of fabric allows the sweat to dry quickly so the pants don't stick to your skin. On a low activity day and or colder days where you need a warmer fabric, it is best to opt for cotton, polyester, or spandex (or a mixture of them).

2. Style

There are many styles of pants. You have the bell bottoms, skinny pants, and capri pant style of yoga pants. So how do you choose the best one? Take it from someone who knows if you are the kind of person who likes to do many different activities you can never go wrong with getting one of each pair. If you are someone who tends to always go to yoga, or always go to the gym and use the same machines then you can stick to a skinny yoga pant or even a capri style one. But take it from someone who learned the hard way, never ever wear bell bottom yoga pants while biking or doing any sort of activity that you can get your pants caught on. It is not always easy to get unhooked with you ruining your favorite pair of pants. 

3. Color

While your favorite color always looks good dry keep in mind if you are going to do anything that will make you sweat. Of course if you are going to the gym and are completely okay with your sweaty self, there is no need to worry about this. However if you do not want to look sweaty choose neutral colors such as black or white, dark colors sometimes (depending on the material) are a good way to go. Always avoid light colors such as grey, light blue, beige, etc. Those colors will always always show sweat as they darken when they begin getting moist. 

Not all yoga pants fit the same!!! My favorite brands are, Lululemon, Fabletics, Nikey and adidas. These days there are many more brands popping up on social media. I have personally tried other brands that I was not fully content with and that is because the material did not hold my body well. Each pant is made different and has a different focal point and elasticity life. These brands are the ones that for the most part focus on shaping the legs in an appealing way and have a long elasticity life, that is, they dont stretch out and loose their elasticity. 


Now of course there are many more things one could look at to choose the right pants, however these are my top four things I look at for my personal comfort. Keeps to keep in mind is that I am a small person so finding yoga pants that fit me and shape my body is tough. So I hope this guide stays in the back of your head the next time you are at the store!! 



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