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How to Downsize your Closet

November 16, 2017

We all think about it eventually, do I have too many clothes? The immediate answer, if you are a fashion lover like me, is I still dont have enough. However, several days later, you are stuck once again shoving clothes into your cramped closet breaking hangers and wrinkling clothes. Next you wonder if you should just make a larger closet in you house, take it from someone who has three closets and only gives her husband space from half of one, you do not need more space!! It is time to go out with the old and in with the new. Here are some tips to help and encourage you to clear out you closet and get organized. 

My first tip is to remember that once you clear out the old clothes you can go shopping for new clothes!!! It like receiving that cookie after you finish your vegetables!! Take it form me incentives can help you accomplish what ever you need to do. I used this trick for eating healthy, for studying for my college finals, I even used it for when I need to get the kids to do something (I worked as a nanny for a while).

Second what to get rid of with out a second thought. Anything and I do mean anything that has holes,rips or tears (non intended). Now I know now is the era that clothes with rips are in style and of course those you can keep. I am talking about the ones that when you bought brand new the rips had a pattern and there was more material than skin. You know when these old items have to go, even if you feel like you might still use them someday. 

Third anything you are holding on to because you are tying to get back to your old size. I personally had been a victim of this. I had a pair of jeans I loved and would always wear. However when college started I was one of the victims of the freshman fifteen, for me, it caused me to loose a ton of weight and go down two sizes due to stress. Due to that my favorite jeans did not fit anymore. I held on to them for four years until I realized I am not going back to that size, not anytime soon anyway so that brings me to my point. You might eventually get to the size you were however that might take years to happen and by then your favorite clothes might not be your favorite anymore, or maybe your taste changed. So why hold on to something you can not wear. 

Previously I have mentioned how to clear out the easy items from your closet so now lets look at the hard items. 

The first step is to take everything out, and I mean everything do not leave anything even if you are sure you are going to keep it. Now before you start picking your clothes it is time to create your vital list. This list will make you consider important points that help decide wether or not the item stays. Some examples are: Would you buy this at the store today?, Have you worn it in the last 12 months?, do you like it?, Does it fit?, Do you have anything similar?. These are just some examples you can edit the list to fit your needs. As you pick up each item run this list through your head. Hang each item up based on the category of your choice wether by color (my personal favorite), style, item, activity (aka work, gym, casual etc.). 

My last tip is when you have doubt of an item look back at your closet and see if you still think it should go (if the same item comes to mind three different times it is time for it to go). 

Another trick is to hang the hangers with the opening facing out, as you rehang make sure to hang the new clothes with the opening facing in, after several months go back and check which ones are still facing out (those will be the ones you should consider removing from your closet). 

I have recently completed this closet and believe it or not I was able to fit both my winter and summer clothes in one closet with enough space for new items and space for my husbands clothes. He usually only gets a forth of the closet but this time he got his whole side to himself. So for you guys that want more space in your closet for yourself encourage each other to clear out the closet!!! 


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