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April 20, 2018


Fashion being my passion I tend to follow beauty trends really closely. One of the quickly changing trends is makeup. Do not get me started on the crazy brows or nose hair extensions, no, I am not talking about those over the top fashion trends. I was never into black lipstick, or neon makeup. I always like to follow the beauty trends that stick to more natural looks. 

I, like many people I know, struggle to have the perfect brows. 


Back when I was younger the trend was to have skinny well framed brows. With my luck I was gifted with average bushy brows. If you can not picture that just imagine a fairly thick brow but with some empty spots in between the hair. 


Don't get me wrong, I can work with my brows using brow liner and gel to make them look fuller and ticker. However, if any of you have ever tried to fill in your brows where there is an empty spot, then you know, it is basically painting your skin!! And, while others might not notice, it seems like my eye goes straight to thats spot and it feels like the whole world is looking at that one little spot. Now I know all of you have felt that way before, wether its with a pimple, a scar, or like me an empty hairless brow hole. 


Anyway with all this I decide to look into microblading. Now if you do not know what microblading is, I am here to shed some light. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup which is used to camouflage missing hair with the appearance of real hair. How do they do this you ask? Using cosmetic tattoo pigment they basically daw a hair one by one to look like real hair. 


After finding out all about the procedure, I figured, okay it does not seem so bad. My cousin did it, she is in love with the procedure, I looked at her brows and I have to say it looks amazing! So the next step is to just find a good place. Now, normally I do not research places too much because I figure if I dont like it, I just never have to go back right? Well this time it is extremely wrongsooo!! Why? Because they are going to semipermanently basically draw on my face!! I am not about to walk out looking like a little kid drew my brows on my face. So I asked around and got many opinions and finally I picked someone. Now this person was referred to me by a longtime friend who does my facials, so they already had a good reference. 

I call posh permanent makeup and set up an appointment. It was very simple they just asked me to set up a consultation appointment. Now with a lot of beauty procedures they ask you to do that to see if you will be allergic to the products and to basically set up a plan for the procedure. So far so good. 

Appointment day comes and I am super nervous, I am sitting in the waiting area trying to decide everything or at least go in with an idea of what I want. Everything is running through my head, what color, how thick, how many hairs, how do I want it to look like etc.


While I am lost in thought, Agatha finally comes in. She takes me to a small room that is beautifully arranged, and I am like okay she has taste. Imedately she asks me if she can see a picture of the brows. Me thinking she wanted me to show her what I want, I pull up a picture of my cousins brows. She looks at me and asks if that is me, and I say no. She then asks to see a picture of me when I am ready to go out. At this point I am very confused, I had mentioned that I love to do fashion in Instagram so I figured she was curious. As I show her a picture, she starts talking. She starts going a mile a minute telling me what I need. I will not go into the detail because it is specifically for me, but I was amazed at how fast she decided what I needed. With just that one picture she told me what she thought was best for me, of course based on what I chose. She chose my color, the thickness, drew a line of how it was going to look like. She covered everything based on my hair color (I dye it a lot) to what I should do since its in constant change. How when I go out my brows are not super thick so we should stick to a natural look etc. 


I left that place in aw, I could not believe how knowledgable, how precise, and quick she was. Now I know I should not do this but if I am going to get a procedure done, I always look at the person doing the procedure. Her brows of course were perfect, (now I know she did not do her own brows but she takes care of them). I walked out confident and ready for the next appointment. 


The second appointment comes and I am excited, thrilled, and terrified!! Now I am a BIG, HUGE baby when it comes to pain. Especially needles, knifes and or anything that will puncture my skin. And of course this is one of those times where, in the name of beauty I allow myself to be poked. The initial step is to numb the brow area, which as I have been told many times, it is better to endure the pain of the numbing than the pain of the procedure, and I mean who could argue with that logic? Am I right? To numb, she has to poke multiple areas and let the numbing cream soak into the brows. As she is ready to do it, she promises it will be quick (Like i have never heard that before) but this time she really was quick, she flew through that part so quickly I barely even felt it. After that she let it sit to numb the area. Next she began her work, now because I could not see what she was actually doing I can not go into detail in this part but what I felt was her dipping a blade into the pigment, and drawing a line one by one. Once she was done, she rubbed more pigment onto the brows. She then proceeded to wipe it off and clean the area. Finally the procedure was done, now all there was to do was wait for the touch up. 


This part is really important and I will emphasize it because I complete forgot to do this. You are supposed to wash your face every few hours that day and three times a day the next day (which I did), you also have to keep the area super hydrated (which is what I forgot to do). Now a great thing to use is coconut oil to hydrate the brows. Due to the fact that I forgot that step my brows were super itchy and flaky that week. While they are supposed to flake the pigment is not supposed to come off. Due to my case some of it came off, so when I had to go back for the touch up she had to do more than normal. 


I went back for the touch up and this time it was quicker, the procedure is the same but shorter this time. I walked out of her place feeling amazing I love my brows and I feel amazing. Now because I was worried of it coming off like last time, I really hydrated my brows with coconut oil. A week went by the brows flaked and sure enough the shape and color were perfect. 


Over all this experience was amazing, Agatha really knows what she is doing and she will take her time to make sure you walk out a happy client. I think, at least for me it was worth it to do my brows. I has been several moths and I am still super happy with how my brows look. If you are considering doing your brows definitely recommend this place!! They also do lash extensions however I am highly allergic to lash extensions so I cant do them :( If you want to check them out I posted the link down below.









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