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The making of an Herbalist

February 5, 2019


Many people believe that for someone to be credible in a certain topic the have to have a certificate or credentials to prove it. It is partly because of this mindset that there is a lack of herbalist. Many people believe that natural remedies are not a potent, they also believe that herbalists or anyone who uses home remedies are not qualified to share these remedies with the world. 

But what if I told you we all have a little bit of an herbalist in us? 

The one thing that many people care about is what they consume. There is a huge health craze as we speak. No matter where you turn there are people concerned with what they eat, how much, and where its coming from. Now, what if i were to tell you that food is the first form of medicine? I know you are probably saying no way. Well, way. Even for certain conditions doctors recommend a change in diet. Even for sickens such as a cold everyone recommends foods with high vitamin c. I could go on and on  explaining prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, etc. in our food but I think  you can put it together. 

We all know one of these remedies, if not we would be going to the doctor for every single thing. If we were to take this knowledge a step further you can combine your understanding of food with the use of herbs to add a more broad spectrum of tools for your everyday life. Honestly I think the thought of using herbs in your everyday life is harder than if you were to actually just slowly start adding herbs to your everyday meals. 

An easy way to do this is to add a vitamin rich herb to your shake in the mornings. Or after drinking your coffee make a pot of tea using what ever herb you find the need for that day. Or even start experimenting by adding different herbs to your salad. The easiest way to do it is by using different spices in your everyday food such as turmeric, rosemary, etc. Doing any one of these simple steps could bring you closer to your healthier life goals!! So start experimenting you will be amazed at the benefits you will discover from some of these plants!!





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